About CAC-Explore

The Carl Albert Center Exploration Space began as an experiment. In July of 2015 students on the Carl Albert Center's staff discovered a previously unknown box of model rockets in our stacks.

All eight members of the staff then decided to see if it would be possible to build a digital exhibit in a day, using little more than this box of unidentified model rockets. Not only did we complete a full digital exhibit, but we also completed an inventory of the rockets, established their origin, embedded the information in the finding aid for the Robert S. Kerr Collection, and crafted custom holders for the rockets.

CAC-Explore has since grown into a platform that allows students to deepen their knowledge of the digital humanities and showcase projects built around materials from the Carl Albert Center’s Congressional Collections. The Center uses this platform in the classroom, in the archives, and as part of its outreach programs. It was built using tools made available by the create.ou.edu initiative.